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Contemplation of the Meaning of Life

Why are we here? What is our sole purpose in life? When is the suffering going to end? The answers to these questions are innumerable, however, all have one basic answer... We live, We die. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. And along the way, we meet a select few people to share in our misery or happiness. Why then are we damned? There is no heaven. There is only the hell in which we live now. The reason that mankind created the gods... To explain what happens after you die. For in all actuality, there is NOTHING. Once you die, that is the end. There is no coming back, you have truly reached the point of no return. I see my life as it really is now... A meaningless waste of time... What is the point of carrying on when you have absolutely nothing to look forward to? Why is this pain neverending? What point do I have now but to end all that has been my life, my hell, my salvation? I fear the end of the world is near, and everyone is going to die. I want to die. I welcome death with open arms. And so, I take my blade, and I make a tiny incision in my vein, and wait for the end to justify the means.
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